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  •  The renter of your home has announced personal requirements. To find a new flat has not succeeded you yet. Your flat is still so comfortable and is put away completely like before. The clock ticks. How should this be to be mastered? A new lodging must be found, cardboards pack moved, relocation organized … Who could help You?
  • In Your home was a fire which has destroyed a large part of your living space and furnishings. The rescue units have moved again into the guards, and You stay behind helplessly with the chaos and the challenges of the coming months?
  • In Your narrowest sphere is one or are several seriously ill people. It is up to You to manage the situation, mental-morally or practical support or responsibility, and feel overcharged thereby at the moment?
  • An affiliate person is distant from the native country – many kilometres away from You, maybe in another country or on another continent – has an accident. Now You are demanded and feel overwhelmed in that role.
  • Your employer is in an huge financial disaster, the company’s continuation is doubtful. On the first extraordinary works meeting with the liquidator you receive – like the large part of the staff – the written termination of the employment contract. You have one-hour time to remove your office desk. You are – how all the other employees and executives also – from now on exempted from work and should contact tomorrow the job center to file for unemployment?
  • A dear person in your personal or professional sphere has gone to ruin to a serious addiction, and you ask Yourselves what you can do?

I am no removalists, no lawyer, no doctor or therapist. However, I am all around, practices, interconnected well. I know all these above mentioned situations and many similar ones from own experience: own strokes of fate or such of being close people or, however, from people which I might support with my coaching services.

I am ready (and am used to do it) to leave everything behind and to stand aside people in such situations within shortest (however, for uncertain) time. Within five hours in a crisis situation 300 km away to stand ready? On Sundays on authorities necessary travel documents organize? Within 24 hours in the airplane overseas sit? No problem.

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