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 Ina is a leadership coach and career coach as well as potential developer. Her mother tongue is German. She has likewise been used to act professional in international/English-speaking spheres. Her base is solide business education from working life and specific continuing education as well as academic advanced training. She moves for approximately thirty years in German and international economic enterprises and institutions. She enjoys always to get insight into the multiple life realities of quite different occupational groups and into the specific approaches of various professional disciplines. It could seem that she had been several times putatively at the wrong time at the wrong place. In retrospect she would like to miss none of her own and accompanied professional and personal Ups & Downs, they let her grow, nevertheless, as a person and advisor and prepared the base for her today’s success. She is versed in dealing with people of different origin and hierarchy levels however with pleasure in man-dominated sections. Mega trends of the future fascinate and frighten her equally, however no one shall ignores them. She makes her varied inclinations, experiences and competence for her clients accessibly. Besides, she uses her intuition and e.g. by university study of business administration with detailed Human Resources knowledge equally. 

For her clients she is situatively an active listener, an eloquent story narrator, a creative, on “strengthening of the strengths” focused trainer. The list of her attended classes is long – the repertoire of the „stories which the (occupation) life writes” which can be adapted at other challenges, is longer. She brings up a painful subject if required; much rather she offers her hand to somebody in a friendly, helpful way. Next to reliable work she is marked by a strong hands-on mindset.


Ina lived for decades in North Germany/Lower Saxony  where her two children have grown up. After an one year’s step off in Muenster/Westfalia she moved to Nordhorn/Lower Saxony near the German-Dutch border.  From this starting point she is always open-minded to travel to destinations where her varied competence is wished and in addition to the professional requirements with whom “chemistry” fits. In all her decisions it is important for her to act responsible which means, too: Places and kinds of co-working are depending of specific circumstances like “Provided “Corvid 19 pandamic” allows to travel and to meet people in person!”. Because of her francophile she decided in 2019 to offer her Coaching and Consulting services regularly in Nice/France, too, and the spatial and personal proximity to the Netherlands open up additional opportunities. Working languages are German and English, she has also French language skills on a advanced basic level. Ina has been used to work with professionals from all continents and of several  disciplines. She is familiar with intercultural differences as well as different personality types. 

She loves to work and to run her own business. Otherwise she gets new energy from her family life, the exchange with narrow confidants, the life in harmony with the nature, but also the variety of the urban life. Books, humor, pleasure and steady advancement may never be absent to her luck also. If You are interested to learn more about her professional background please do not hesitate to let her know.

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