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Ina is leadership coach and career coach as well as potential developer in the German speaking and English-speaking sphere. Her base is solide business education from workinglife and specific continuing education as well as academic advanced training. She moves for approximately thirty years in German and international economic enterprises. Already during young years she received insight into the life realities of quite different professional guilds and inthe specific approaches of various professional disciplines. She says from herself that she had been several times putatively at the wrong time at the wrong place.

 In retrospect she would like to miss none of her own and accompanied professional and personal Ups & Downs, they let hergrow, nevertheless, as a person and advisor and prepared the base for her today’s success. She is versed in dealing with people of different origin and hierarchy levels however withpleasure in man-dominated sections. Mega trends of the future fascinate and frighten herequally, however no one shall ignores them. She makes her varied inclinations, experiences and competence for her clients, e.g. by later a thinking solutions accessibly. Besides, she uses her intuition and e.g. by university study of business administration with detailed Human Resources knowledge equally. 

Her clients find in her situatively an active listener, an eloquent story narrator, a creative, on “strengthening of the strengths” focused trainer on their side. The list of her attended classes is long – the repertoireof the „stories which the (occupation) life writes” which can be adapted at other challenges, is longer. She brings up a painful subject if required; much rather she reachs out to somebody. Next to reliable work she is marked by a strong hands-on mindset.

Ina has lived since decades in North Germany. Next to Berlin, she works everywhere where her varied competence is wished and in addition to the professional requirements with whom “chemistry” fits. She and her family like to spend holidays in France. Otherwise she pulls new energy from her family life, the exchange with narrow confidants, the life in the harmony with the nature, but also the variety of the urban life. Books, humor, pleasure and steady advancement may never be absent to her luck also. If You are interested to learn more about her professional background please do not hesitate to let her know.

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