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"Hundred ways - Thousand wrong tracks" is a Vietnamese saying. Sometimes we go, we run, we rush through our life, and sometimes we are surprised where "the life" has brought us. At best these are detours which we have taken - in the worst one these are dead ends.

Everybody experiences misfortune, makes unfavorable decisions, gains difficult experience. From a outside point of view  often this is  not so dramatical as it subjectively feels. Usually it depends on how long this state persists and how Somebody handles with it.
Sometimes little problems make our professional life or private life difficult - sometimes it is a really serious incision in the present life:

  •     if it is because personal changes ask us to give up known
  •     if these are professional challenges
  •     maybe it is due to the fact that we ourselves have changed and our present life does not fit any more to us
  •     not seldom these are strokes of fate - own or in the direct/private sphere: serious illness, accidents, separations or death of a being close  person
  •     what went easy for you in the past, today can seem to you like a hardly surmountable obstacle - without exactly knowing the reason

The range of wandering paths in the professional and private life are as varied as the people themselves. - If you think: "I don't want that situation any more", I would like to be on hand with help and advice for You. Under www.ina-reisel.com you can find mine to enterprises and individuals tending offers.
Here, on this site - www.ina-reisel.de - you can pursue regularly my thoughts, experiences, tips in blog form. Insights, provided by a coach, personnel consultant, former executive and employee, rank and file citizen... Some of these wandering paths I myself have gone, others were gone by coachees or befriended people - with happy exit.



Please find my English written vita and do not hesitate to ask if You are interested in learning more about my professional background. My English written blog is coming soon and will be published as regularly as my German written one: week by week.


Warm greetings from Berlin


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